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” … after a year and a half of renovation work, last week we finally removed the external scaffolding but there was still work to be done inside the store so we had to cover the windows with sheets of paper. When everything was ready and perfect, yesterday at about 11 in the morning we removed the paper from the windows. A group of Venetian passers-by gathered in front, amazed and happy at the reopening of this new store,” says Marzia Pendini. “It was a touching moment. Very intimate. In fact, this store has deep roots. Closed for more than forty years, it belonged to my grandfather Gino Pendini, father of the Salvadori founder, Gabriele Pendini.

At that time it was a goldsmith’s workshop. My grandfather was a born salesman; no one left the store without carrying a small package in their hands. The windows displayed large signs with prices and other information to attract customers. It was a very different Venice from the present one. At that time, there were 130,000 people living in Venice compared to the 50,000 today. The water was clear and boys would dive into the canals. Children played in the streets and fields, and there was a cat lazing about in every street. Even the name of the location has links with the tradition and Venice of the past. Rio tera’ de la Maddalena means underground canal. Therefore, the store stands where there was once a waterway. In fact, since the 1300s it was a Venetian custom to close certain waterways in order to make circulation easier and to reclaim land.”

For my sister Monica and I this store carries an enormous amount of sentimental value. Our work, our company represents our family, our origins, the passion and dedication for this job instilled in us by our parents who also taught us that commitment and sacrifice lead to results. Yesterday, every Venetian came to share with us memories, moments, and purchases made with my dear grandfather and my sweet father. This value is for us the continuation of life.

From today, in the new Salvadori store customers can purchase Tudor watches, an ancient Swiss watch brand founded in 1946 by Hans Wilsdorf, but launched in 1926. These watches have a sporty and attractive design, with reliable hi-tech movements. A watch whose strength is embodied in its slogan: “Born to dare” Alongside the Tudor watches, you will find our Salvadori jewellery.

Each piece is handcrafted in our laboratory according to my design and our highest standards of quality with diamonds purchased directly within the Antwerp Diamond Exchange, of which we are a member. The Collections will cover a price range from around €600 to €5000, so that you can wear our jewellery at any time of the day, from morning to night. Earrings, pendants, bracelets with a simple yet elegant design and diamonds set in platinum and yellow or pink gold. Men’s jewellery, whose essential design represents physical strength, confidence and the vitality of being a man. A man of great integrity. While lovers can find a wide range of engagement rings, solitaire diamond rings, diamond-studded bands and wedding rings.

Each jewellery piece encompasses the passion of Salvadori:

… Dedicated to every woman and every man who loves…


Salvadori Diamond Atelier Cannaregio